Husqvarna 262xp Dismantling And Rebuild Part 1

Husqvarna 262xp dismantling and rebuild part 1


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Создатель: Matthew Olson

Размещено: 20 июл. 2015 г.
Просмотрено: 8 018
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If you are looking for aftermarket chainsaw parts, please support my channel by buying from these guys:
Disclaimer: ladies and gents, this is a CHAINSAW, working with, building and fiddling with these can KILL YOU, I am not and will not be responsible for improper technique or accidents even remotely relating to this video, please view for entertainment purposes only.Since this is such a popular saw on I figured I needed one. So I paid too much for this parts saw, and this is the first of 3 that I’ll rebuild. This is the video that describes most of dismantling a parts saw. Stay tuned for part 2HERE IS PART 3.2 Top tip, KNOW how many bolts there are holding a chassis together. If you don’t KNOW how many bolts there are, find out FOR SURE before you pull the case apart. I busted a case not knowing. Thanks for watching, hope these vids help someone!

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